ACTION ALERT: Response to George Floyd’s Murder, Call for Direct Community Support and Assistance

We have heard your calls for action in response to the murder of George Floyd and other recent victims of police brutality. We’re hurting, frustrated, scared, and enraged just like you. We understand the need to be together, to collectively mourn and rage. Several groups and individuals have announced protests and marches in the Seattle area to demand justice for recent events. Our board of directors was initially conflicted about whether to boost these demonstrations, as your safety is of utmost importance. Ultimately, we decided that the situation is too dangerous for us to encourage greater attendance at these in-person protests.

We live in a country that has lost more than 100,000 people to COVID-19. This virus has ravaged our communities in a way that largely mirrors the existing inequities and structural racism inherent in our healthcare systems. We refuse to encourage our community members to needlessly risk their lives and their health during this time when other avenues of action are available.

As we all endure these dark and challenging days, we realize that what is most urgently needed now is direct community support and assistance. We need to support the families who have had their loved ones taken from them by police. We need to support the demonstrators in Minneapolis whose efforts successfully led to the arrest of George Floyd’s killer. We need to support the demonstrators in Louisville who were attacked while demanding justice.

It’s for this reason that we as an organization have decided to make the following donations. Please consider joining us as we support those who are in need:

1. We’re giving $500 to Louisville Community Bail Fund.
Help pay bail to demonstrators arrested in Louisville protests. Organized by Black Lives Matter Louisville.

2. We’re giving $500 to the North Star Health Collective
We originally wanted to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which is directly helping individuals arrested in the recent protests. However, the MFF is urging people to donate to other groups, such as the North Star Health Collective, a group of medics who specialize in supporting protestors fighting for justice.

3. We’re giving $500 to Black Visions Collective.
Black Visions is a Black queer/trans led org who are in Minneapolis and have been on the frontlines of the protests.

4. We’re giving $500 to Reclaim The Block.
RTB is a coalition that pushes the city of Minneapolis to divest from policing and instead fund community-centered health and safety programs.

5. We’re giving $500 to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.
Funds will help support the Floyd family as they grieve, arrange a funeral, prepare for legal proceedings, and care for George Floyd’s children.

6. We’re giving $500 to the Columbus Freedom Fund.
The CFF is bailing out protestors in Columbus, Ohio who were arrested when demonstrating in response to Breonna Taylor’s and George Floyd’s murders.

7. We’re giving $500 to the NYC Liberty Fund.
The Liberty Fund is a charitable bail fund that servers all areas on New York City, including areas where

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